What is fictive?

  • (adj): Capable of imaginative creation.
    Example: "Fictive talent"
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Fictive means:

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Åke Raask
... Åke Raask is a fictive Swedish singer from the 1970s played by the Swedish actor Carl-Johan Sundberg ... performed as Raask, together with the (also fictive) dance music orchestra Kenny Silwers Orkester on various entertainment venues in Sweden, especially in ... songs of the period, and in clothes, hairstyle and the design of his (fictive) 1970s albums (as described on his website), he is a parody of the Swedish dance music subculture of the time ...
Fictive Motion
... Fictive motion is the metaphorical motion of an object or abstraction through space ... Fictive motion has become a subject of study in psycholinguistics and cognitive linguistics ... In fictive motion sentences, a motion verb applies to a subject that is not literally capable of movement in the physical world, as in the sentence, "The fence runs along the perimeter of ...
Viktor Giacobbo - Alter Egos
... He once is a guest of a (fictive) programme about travelling, to tell the spectators about Mailand (there was a mistake) ... to a comment by Giaccobo, Hasler's first appearance was in a sketch about a fictive discussion programme, that dealt with humour ... He didn't really enrich the fictive discussion programme, told jokes about manta drivers, instead of discussing humor ...
Fictive Motion - History
... Cognitive linguist Leonard Talmy discussed many of the spatial and linguistic properties of fictive motion in a book chapter called "Fictive motion in language and 'ception'" (Talmy 1996) ... Talmy began analyzing the semantics of fictive motion in the late 1970s and early 1980s but used the term "virtual motion" at that time (e.g ... Fictive motion has since been investigated by cognitive scientists interested in whether and how it evokes dynamic imagery ...
... Fictive means having the ability or power to create "a creative imagination" capable of imaginative creation "fictive talent" Synonyms for fictive imitative, creative ...

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Famous quotes containing the word fictive:

    What you have to do is enter the fiction of America, enter America as fiction. It is, indeed, on this fictive basis that it dominates the world.
    Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929)

    This will make widows wince. But fictive things
    Wink as they will. Wink most when widows wince.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    The lovelorn: knowing the fictive nature of their misery does not ease their suffering.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)