What is deviant?

  • (adj): Markedly different from an accepted norm.
    Example: "Deviant ideas"
    Synonyms: aberrant
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Deviant (disambiguation)
... Deviant commonly refers to deviant behavior, particularly in relation to social norms ... Deviant may also refer to Deviant (comics), a fictional race of superhumans in the Marvel Comics' universe "Deviant" (CSI Miami episode) A member of the deviantART online community In music ...
Deviance (sociology) - Types of Deviance
... Taboo is a strong social form of behavior considered deviant by a majority ... a labeling theorist, touched basis with different types of deviant behaviors ... There are four different types of deviant behaviors falling into different categories ...
Mismatch Negativity - Characteristics
... The MMN is a response to a deviant within a sequence of otherwise regular stimuli thus, in an experimental setting, it is produced when stimuli are presented in a many-to-one ... the d is the deviant or oddball stimulus, and will elicit an MMN response ... auditory cortex and a typical latency of 150-250 ms after the onset of the deviant stimulus ...
Positive Deviant - The Application of Positive Deviance - Private Sector
... personnel in a fast food environment, the positive deviants have attitudes, cognitive processes and behavioral patterns that lead to significantly improved performance in key metrics such ... Studies claim that widespread adoption of the Positive Deviant approaches consistently leads to significant performance improvement ... for Quickly identifying the Positive Deviants Efficiently gathering and organizing the Positive Deviant knowledge Motivating a willingness in others to adopt the Positive Deviant approaches Sustaining the change by ...
Subterranea (comics) - Inhabitants - Deviant Mutates
... The Deviant Mutates are the more extremely-mutated experiments of the Deviants ... Most of the Deviant Mutates work for Mole Man ... Among the Deviant Mutates are Giganto - Megataur - Tricephalous - ...

More definitions of "deviant":

  • (noun): A person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior.
    Synonyms: pervert, deviate, degenerate