What is dataflash?


DataFlash is a low pin-count serial interface for flash memory. It is an Atmel proprietary interface, compatible with the SPI standard.

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Dataflash - Example C Source Code To Interface To DataFlash
... of PIC microcontroller source code in C, that can be used to interface to any DataFlash chip, is available from www.microchipC.com ...
Data Flash - Comparison Between DataFlash, EEPROM and MMC/SD
... Both DataFlash and EEPROM chips can be accessed from a microcontroller, using a 4-wire SPI bus ... DataFlash usually had higher capacities than EEPROM in the early days, and it still provides faster access times ... DataFlash capacities in small packages range from 128 kB to 8 MB, while SPI EEPROM capacities in similar packages range from 1 kB to 8 MB ...
Data Flash
... DataFlash is a low pin-count serial interface for flash memory ... Information is written and read from a DataFlash chip using any microcontroller, such as the Atmel AVR, the Microchip PIC or the ARM ... ARM microcontrollers support downloading code from DataFlash chips after reset ...