What is crystal growth?

Crystal Growth

A crystal is a solid material whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions. Crystal growth is a major stage of a crystallization process, and consists in the addition of new atoms, ions, or polymer strings into the characteristic arrangement of a crystalline Bravais lattice. The growth typically follows an initial stage of either homogeneous or heterogeneous (surface catalyzed) nucleation, unless a "seed" crystal, purposely added to start the growth, was already present.

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Lodewijk Van Den Berg - Spaceflight - STS-51B
... The seven-man crew aboard Challenger conducted investigations into crystal growth, drop dynamics leading to containerless material processing, atmospheric trace ... As a co-investigator of the Vapor Crystal Growth System (VCGS) experiment, Van den Berg was responsible for the crystal growth aspects of the VCGS experiment ...
Laser-heated Pedestal Growth
... Laser-heated pedestal growth (LHPG) is a crystal growth technique ... Among all the modern techniques for growing crystals from the melt (liquid/solid phase transition), it has become one of the most powerful for materials research ... LHPG is a crucible-free technique, which allows single crystals to be grown with high purity and low stress ...
Space Manufacturing - History
... a materials processing facility that included a multi-purpose electric furnace, a crystal growth chamber, and an electron beam gun ... processing photographing the behavior of ignited materials in zero-gravity crystal growth processing of immiscible alloys brazing of stainless steel tubes, electron beam ... Among the experiments were crystal growth and the behavior of molten-metal in weightlessness ...
Crystal Growth - Morphology - Diffusion-control
... (or degree of supercooling) is high, and sometimes even when it is not high, growth kinetics may be diffusion-controlled ... Under such conditions, the polyhedral crystal form will be unstable, it will sprout protrusions at its corners and edges where the degree of supersaturation ... in raising the chemical potential slows the tip growth and maintains a constant value for the tip thickness ...
Crystal Growth & Design - Most Cited Articles
... Crystal Growth Design 8 3 ... Crystal Growth Design 9 (6) 2950 ... Crystal Growth Design 9 (5) 2252 ...

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