What is cradle?

  • (verb): Hold or place in or as if in a cradle.
    Example: "He cradled the infant in his arms"
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More definitions of "cradle":

  • (verb): Run with the stick.
  • (verb): Hold gently and carefully.
    Example: "He cradles the child in his arms"
  • (noun): Birth of a person.
    Example: "He was taught from the cradle never to cry"
  • (noun): A trough on rockers used by gold miners to shake earth in water in order to separate the gold.
    Synonyms: rocker
  • (verb): Wash in a cradle.
    Example: "Cradle gold"
  • (noun): A baby bed with sides and rockers.
  • (verb): Bring up from infancy.
  • (verb): Cut grain with a cradle scythe.

Famous quotes containing the word cradle:

    And such the trust that still were mine,
    Though stormy winds swept o’er the brine,
    Or though the tempest’s fiery breath
    Roused me from sleep to wreck and death.
    In ocean cave, still safe with Thee
    The germ of immortality!
    And calm and peaceful shall I sleep,
    Rocked in the cradle of the deep.
    Emma Hart Willard (1787–1870)

    So I cradle this average violin that knows
    Only forgotten showtunes, but argues
    The possibility of free declamation anchored
    To a dull refrain....
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    From cradle to grave this problem of running order through chaos, direction through space, discipline through freedom, unity through multiplicity, has always been, and must always be, the task of education, as it is the moral of religion, philosophy, science, art, politics and economy; but a boy’s will is his life, and he dies when it is broken, as the colt dies in harness, taking a new nature in becoming tame.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)