What is coronet?

  • (noun): Margin between the skin of the pastern and the horn of the hoof.
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A coronet is a small crown consisting of ornaments fixed on a metal ring. By one definition, a coronet differs from a crown in that a coronet never has arches, and from a tiara in that a coronet completely encircles the head, while a tiara does not. By a slightly different definition, a crown is worn by a king or queen, a coronet by a nobleman or lady. See also diadem.

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Lined Seahorse - Behavior
... The seahorses have a crown-like bony crest called a coronet located on the backside of their head at the edge of the skull ... Each coronet is unique to the organism, just as a fingerprint is unique to every human ... The coronet resembles a star pattern and is attached rather loosely and has sharp edges ...
Coronet (yacht) - Coronet Gallery
... Coronet interior, showing original woodwork Coronet interior, hallway ... Note curvaceous woodwork and etched mirror to left Coronet interior, berth Coronet under restoration building at IYRS housing the Coronet during 2008 restoration ...
Coronet Camera Company
... The Coronet Camera Company was a British company most noted for its box cameras manufactured in the 1950s ... The Coronet Camera Company was established in 1926 at 48 Great Hampton Street, Aston, Birmingham by Mr ...
Coronet - Continental Usages
... The Freiherrnkrone (baron's coronet) shows seven tines with pearls ... The Grafenkrone (count's coronet) shows nine tines with pearls ... Some of the senior houses used coronets showing five leaves and four pearls (Some mediatized counties and minor principalities had other types of coronets that distinguished them from normal counts) ...
Marquesses In The United Kingdom - Coronet
... A British marquess is entitled to a coronet bearing four strawberry leaves (three visible) and four silver balls (or pearls) around the rim (two visible) ... The actual coronet is worn mostly on certain ceremonial occasions, but a marquess can bear his coronet of rank on his coat of arms above the shield ...

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  • (noun): A small crown; usually indicates a high rank but below that of sovereign.