What is coastal defence?

Coastal Defence

Coastal defence (Commonwealth) or Coastal defense (US) has two distinct meanings:

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Coastal Defence
... Coastal defence (Commonwealth) or Coastal defense (US) has two distinct meanings For the protection of the coast from the action of wind, wave and tide, see Coastal management Manmade ... against military or naval attack, see Coastal defence and fortification ... Coastal defense is to protect the coast and its surroundings from long shore drift, erosion and flooding ...
Sverige Class Battleship - "Sverige-class", Tactical Doctrine and Effectiveness
... The Sverige-class ships differed in several ways from the classical coastal defence ship at first by heavier armament as well as better speed and armor, but still small enough to operate and hide in ... Unlike other coastal defence ships the "Sverige-class" formed the core of a traditional open sea battle group (Kustflottan), operating with cruisers, destroyers, torpedo ... in Warship Magazine 1992 Edition, in the article 'The Sverige Class Coastal Defence Ships, by Daniel G Harris.' This could partly said to be confirmed in the post war publication of German ...
Estonian Navy - History - Coastal Batteries
... Since the end of the 19th century the Russian Empire began to build coastal fortresses and naval strongholds to Estonia which was annexed to empire after the Great Northern War in 1721 ... A systematic coastal defence network and naval gun installations were ordered and the construction works began at the end of the 1890s ... and after the Treaty of Tartu the Estonia Navy began to rebuild and develop the coastal defence network ...
Lynemouth Power Station - Operations - Coastal Defence
... This led to a sea defence system being constructed to protect the building ... Tipped waste from the colliery had been used as a coastal defence measure, but as the colliery had closed, waste was no longer being tipped ... again in 2005, leading to problems with coastal defence again, threatening the station's coal stocking area ...
Managed Retreat - Coastal Defence
... of Managed Realignment is generally to improve coastal stability, essentially replacing artificial ‘hard’ coastal defences with natural ‘soft’ coastal landforms (Pethick 2002) ... areas of land further inland rather than that near the coast by relying on natural defences to absorb or dampen the force of waves ...

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