What is caudex?

  • (noun): Persistent thickened stem of a herbaceous perennial plant.
    Synonyms: stock
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A caudex (plural: caudices) is a form of stem morphology appearing as a thickened, short, perennial stem that is either underground or near ground level (frequently woody, and non-photosynthetic). It may be swollen for the purpose of water storage, especially in xerophytes. Elongate branches may arise from the caudex, or the leaves may be more or less sessile to the caudex.

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Dioscorea Mexicana
... is a caudiciform dioscorea having either a partly to completely above-ground dome-shaped caudex with a thick, woody outer layer up to 3 feet(90 cm) in diameter and 8-10 inches(20 ... The caudex of D ... back in winter, that grow up from the caudex, bear heart-shaped leaves ...
List Of The Roman Mysteries Characters - C
... Caudex Caudex is the door-slave of the Geminus household ... Given his name due to his apparent unintelligence (Caudex means blockhead), Caudex is a firm ally of the friends and has saved their lives on many occasions ... In The Gladiators of Capua, arguably Caudex's largest role, it is revealed that he was born in Britannia and sold as a slave during the Roman conquest of Britain ...
Appius Claudius Caudex
... Appius Claudius Caudex (f ... Interestingly enough his name "Caudex" means "blockhead" or "idiot" in Latin ...
... plants store food and water in a greyish brown caudex that swells and grows spines over time ... Hollow, smooth-walled tunnels form within the caudex with external entrance holes, providing an above-ground home for ant colonies ... the plants by leaving wastes within the tunnels inside the caudex ...

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  • (noun): Woody stem of palms and tree ferns.