What is body text?

Body Text

Body text is the term for the text forming the main content of a book, magazine, web page or other printed matter. This is as a contrast to both the headings on each page, and also the pages of front matter that form the introduction to a book.

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Body Text - Web Design
... HTML follows the 'book designer's' meaning of body text ... There is a HTML element named that serves to delimit the body matter from the front matter (or in HTML, the ...
... In print, sans-serif fonts are used for headlines rather than for body text ... wisdom holds that serifs help guide the eye along the lines in large blocks of text ... Sans-serifs, however, have acquired considerable acceptance for body text in Europe ...

Famous quotes containing the words text and/or body:

    There’s a great text in Galatians,
    Once you trip on it, entails
    Twenty-nine distinct damnations,
    One sure, if another fails:
    Robert Browning (1812–1889)

    Hereditary property sophisticates the mind, and the unfortunate victims to it ... swathed from their birth, seldom exert the locomotive faculty of body or mind; and, thus viewing every thing through one medium, and that a false one, they are unable to discern in what true merit and happiness consist.
    Mary Wollstonecraft (1759–1797)