What is blink?

  • (verb): Force to go away by blinking.
    Example: "Blink away tears"
    Synonyms: wink, blink away
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Blinking is the rapid closing and opening of the eyelid. It is an essential function of the eye that helps spread tears across and remove irritants from the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva. Blink speed can be affected by elements such as fatigue, eye injury, medication, and disease. The blinking rate is determined by the "blinking center", but it can also be affected by external stimulus. When an animal (usually human) chooses to blink only one eye as a signal to another in a social setting (a form of body language), it is known as winking. Some animals (for example, tortoises and hamsters) blink their eyes independently of each other.

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More definitions of "blink":

  • (verb): Briefly shut the eyes.
    Example: "The TV announcer never seems to blink"
    Synonyms: wink, nictitate, nictate

Famous quotes containing the word blink:

    Art knows no happier moment than the opportunity to show the symmetry of an extreme, during that moment of spheric harmony when the dissonance dissolves for the blink of an eye, dissolves into a blissful harmony, when the most extreme opposites, coming together from the greatest alienation, fleetingly touch with lips of the word and of love.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)