What is blessed?

  • (adj): Enjoying the bliss of heaven.
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Louis Martin (blessed)
... Blessed Louis Martin (22 August 1823 - 29 July 1894) was a French layman and the father of Saint Thérèse de Lisieux ... His wife was Blessed Marie-Azélie Guérin ...
Sisters Of Adoration, Slaves Of The Blessed Sacrament And Of Charity
... Adoratrices, Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity, is a Roman Catholic religious institute founded in 1856 by Saint María Micaela of the ...
Blessed - Others
... Blessed (Beanie Baby), a Beanie Baby bear produced by Ty, Inc. ...

More definitions of "blessed":

  • (adj): Characterized by happiness and good fortune.
    Example: "A blessed time"
  • (adj): Roman Catholic; proclaimed one of the blessed and thus worthy of veneration.
    Synonyms: beatified
  • (adj): Having good fortune bestowed or conferred upon; sometimes used as in combination.
    Example: "Blessed with a strong healthy body"; "a nation blessed with peace"; "a peace-blessed era"
    Synonyms: blessed with, endued with
  • (adj): Worthy of worship.
    Example: "The Blessed Trinity"
  • (adj): Highly favored or fortunate (as e.g. by divine grace).
    Example: "Our blessed land"; "the blessed assurance of a steady income"
    Synonyms: blest

Famous quotes containing the word blessed:

    When he was at the table with them, he took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him; and he vanished from their sight.
    Bible: New Testament, Luke 24:30,31.

    The Emmaus story.

    Those blessed structures, plot and rhyme—
    why are they no help to me now
    I want to make
    something imagined, not recalled?
    Robert Lowell (1917–1977)

    Had I but died an hour before this chance,
    I had lived a blessed time; for from this instant
    There’s nothing serious in mortality.
    All is but toys; renown and grace is dead,
    The wine of life is drawn, and the mere lees
    Is left this vault to brag of.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)