What are killers?

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Sidney Prescott
... films as the target of a series of killers who adopt the Ghostface persona, a ghost mask and black cloak, to pursue her ... In each film, the Ghostface killers often murder people close to Sidney and taunt her by phone with threats and intimate knowledge of her life or the murder of her mother ... The killers that target Sidney have varying motivations ranging from revenge in Scream to the fame that will come from killing her in Scream 2, due to the fame she herself has obtained as a ...

Famous quotes containing the word killers:

    we want to remember when you were
    money in Massachusetts and yet were wild and rude
    and killers. We want our killers dressed in black
    like grease for we are sick of writing checks,
    putting on our socks and working in the little boxes
    we call the office.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)