What are handheld games?

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Ridge Racer - Games - Handheld Games
... (2004 - Japan, 2005 - USA/EU), for PlayStation Portable (Launch Game), mixed new vehicles with tracks from the previous games ... as its predecessor with tracks featured in previous games of the series ... Ridge Racer 3D (2011), for Nintendo 3DS (Launch Game) ...
List Of Dragon Ball Video Games - Handheld Games
... Title Details Dragon Ball Z Goku Hishōden – Game Boy Notes Dragon Ball Z Goku Hishōden (ドラゴンボールZ 悟空 飛翔伝, Doragon Bōru Zetto Gokū Hishōden?) is the first installment in the ... Despite the title, the game starts out during the end of Dragon Ball with Son Goku's fight with Piccolo at the World Martial Arts Tournament and ends with the battle ... The game also features many extras, such as minigames and a tournament mode ...

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