What are elegies?

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Adélaïde Dufrénoy
... ("Love Exiled from the Skies"), but she would owe her literary reputation to her popular elegies ... Despite this monopolising her time, it is from this sombre period that the majority of her elegies come ... In 1807, the first edition of her Elegies was published and was a great success, and in 1812, she sang for the King of Rome ...
1593 In Poetry - Works Published
... with poems by Thomas Lodge, Nicholas Breton, Sir Walter Ralegh and others three elegies on Sir Philip Sidney, the "Phoenix" of the title, open the volume Barnabe Barnes, Parthenophil and ...
Duino Elegies
... The Duino Elegies (German Duineser Elegien) are a set of ten elegies written in German by the poet Rainer Maria Rilke from 1912 to 1922 ...
Elegy (disambiguation) - Music
... rinnyes Élégie (Fauré), 1883 piece for cello and orchestra (Op.24) Elegies (Busoni), 1908 series of pieces (BV 249) Elegy (op.58), 1909 string orchestral piece by Edward Elgar ...

Famous quotes containing the word elegies:

    But since Thy loud-tongu’d Blood demands Supplies,
    More from BriareusHands, than Argus Eyes,
    I’ll tune Thy Elegies to Trumpet-sounds,
    And write Thy Epitaph in Blood and Wounds!
    —James Graham Marquess of Montrose (1612–1650)