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List Of Counties In Washington - List
... km2) Benton County 005 Prosser 1905 Yakima and Klickitat Counties Thomas Hart Benton (1782–1858), a Missouri U.S ... km2) Chelan County 007 Wenatchee 1899 Okanogan and Kittitas Counties A Native American word meaning "deep water", likely referring to Lake Chelan 700472453000000000072,453 70032922000000000002,922 ... sq mi (70033217000000000003,217 km2) Garfield County 023 Pomeroy 1881 Columbia County James A ...
List Of Crossings Of The Snake River - Crossings - Washington
... Franklin/Walla Walla counties 46°14′54.61″N 118°52′47.96″W / 46.2485028°N 118.8799889°W / 46.2485028 -118.8799889 Railroad bridge Union Pacific Railroad Lyons ... Whitman/Columbia counties 46°35′7.17″N 118°1′37.91″W / 46.585325°N 118.0271972°W / 46.585325 -118.0271972 Elmer Huntley Bridge State Route 127 Central Ferry ... Whitman/Garfield counties 46°39′37.84″N 117°25′42.23″W / 46.6605111°N 117.4283972°W / 46.6605111 -117.4283972 Red Wolf Crossing State Route 128 State Route 193 Clarkston 46°25′28.37″N ...

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    Although there is no universal agreement as to a definition of life, its biological manifestations are generally considered to be organization, metabolism, growth, irritability, adaptation, and reproduction.
    —The Columbia Encyclopedia, Fifth Edition, the first sentence of the article on “life” (based on wording in the First Edition, 1935)