What are Buenos Aires?

  • (noun): Capital and largest city of Argentina; located in eastern Argentina near Uruguay; Argentina's chief port and industrial and cultural center.
    Synonyms: capital of Argentina

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires ( /ˈbweɪnəs ˈɛəriːz/ or /ˈaɪrɪs/, ) is the capital and largest city of Argentina, and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America, after Greater São Paulo. It is located on the western shore of the estuary of the Río de la Plata, on the southeastern coast of the South American continent. Greater Buenos Aires conurbation, which also includes several Buenos Aires Province districts, constitutes the third-largest conurbation in Latin America, with a population of around thirteen million.

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... After moving to Buenos Aires he was named the city's Director of Parks Walkways in 1891 ... Major parks and plazas that particularly show Thays influence on Buenos Aires include the parks Centenario, Lezama, Patricios, Barrancas de Belgrano and the plazas Constitución, Congreso ... in many of his designs, in so far that Buenos Aires' parks and plazas are often compared to similar designs in Paris ...