West India Company

There has been more than one West India Company:

  • The Dutch West India Company, Geoctroyeerde Westindische Compagnie (GWC or WIC) (1621 - 1792)
  • The Danish West India Company, Vestindisk kompagni (1659 - 1776)
  • The French West India Company, Compagnie des Indes occidentales (1664 - 1674)
  • The Swedish West India Company, Svenska V√§stindiska Kompaniet (1787-1805)

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Adriaen Van Der Donck - Return To The Netherlands - The States General's Decision
... paid off, because in April 1650, the States General issued a provisional order that the West India Company create a more liberal form of government to encourage emigration to the Dutch colony ... They produced their final decision in 1652 the Dutch West India Company was forced to order Stuyvesant to set up a municipal government ... for the colony without the restrictions of the Dutch West India Company and national support for emigrating colonists from the Netherlands to the colonies ...
Spanish Conquistadors - Portuguese Exploration - South America
... In the 1620s and 1630s, the Dutch West India Company established many trade posts or colonies ... In 1630 the West India Company conquered part of Brazil, and the colony of New Holland (capital Mauritsstad, present-day Recife) was founded ... in Brazil in 1636 by the Dutch West India Company on recommendation of Frederick Henry ...
... in beans and peas, and involved in the West India Company ... also a burgomaster in Amsterdam and involved in the West India Company Cornelis's son Albert Geelvinck was a lawyer and involved in Surinam ... a merchant and politician, who was allowed by the Dutch East India Company to baptize the Geelvink, one of the three ships under the command of Willem de Vlamingh who had orders to explore the ...
Slave Castle Of Cape Coast - Building History
... of Cape Coast Castle was built by Hendrik Caerloff for the Swedish Africa Company ... Caerloff was a former employee of the Dutch West India Company who had risen to the rank of fiscal before employing himself with the latter company established ... he convinced merchants to give a financial injection to the Danish West India Company, for which he set sail to the Gold Coast in 1657, with the goal in mind to capture for ...

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