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Rh Disease - Prevention
... the immunity will wear off after about 4 to 6 weeks (or longer depending on injected dose) as the anti-Rh antibodies gradually decline to zero in the maternal blood ... pregnant women an anti-RhD IgG immunoglobulin injection at about 28 weeks gestation (with or without a booster at 34 weeks gestation) ... events which mostly occur after 28 weeks gestation ...
Twin-to-twin Transfusion Syndrome - Treatment
... include patients that are still in Stage 1 TTTS and are past 22 weeks gestation ... one fetus, with a 15% chance of cerebral palsy and average delivery occurring at 29 weeks gestation ... palsy and average delivery occurring at 33–39 weeks' gestation ...
Caesarean Section - Risks - Risks For The Child
... Non-medically indicated (elective) childbirth before 39 weeks gestation "carry significant risks for the baby with no known benefit to the mother." Complications from elective cesarean before 39 weeks ... with increased death during infancy, compared to those occurring at 39 to 41 weeks ("full term") ... In one recent study, neonates born before 39 weeks may experienced 2.5 times more of complications compared with those delivered at 39 to 40 weeks ...

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