WDS may stand for:

  • Walt Disney Studios (disambiguation), various entertainment related companies
  • Well Deviation Survey, set of 3D coordinates describing a wellbore
  • Wireless distribution system, a wireless bridging technology
  • Wavelength dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, a materials analysis method
  • Washington Double Star Catalog, an astronomical publication
  • Windows Desktop Search, the implementation of Windows Search for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Desktop Sharing, a Microsoft screen-sharing technology
  • Windows Deployment Services, a technology from Microsoft for network-based installation of Windows operating systems.
  • Worldwide Diagnostic System, a service tool for Ford trustmark automobile dealerships worldwide

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Locomotives Of India - Broad Gauge (5 Ft 6 In) Locomotives Used in India - Diesel Traction - Shunting Locomotives (also Known As Switching Engines)
... WDS 1 (First widely deployed and successful diesel locomotives used in India. 386 hp) WDS 2 (currently out of service.) WDS 3 (All locomotives of this class were rebuilt and reclassified as WDS 4C in 1976-78. 618 hp) WDS 4,WDS 4A,WDS 4B,WDS 4D (Designed by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works ...
Windows Deployment Services - Overview
... The Windows Deployment Service (WDS) is the combined updated and redesigned versions of Remote Installation Service (RIS) and Automated Deployment Services (ADS) ... WDS expands upon simple scripted installation by giving the technician the ability to capture, store, and deploy image-based installation packages ... feature available in the Windows Server 2008 versions of WDS is that it supports IP Multicast deployments ...
Wireless Distribution System - Technical
... WDS may provide two modes of wireless AP-to-AP connectivity Wireless bridging, in which WDS APs communicate only with each other and don't allow wireless clients or stations (STA) to access ... For example, in the case of two APs connected via WDS, and communication is made between a computer which is plugged into the Ethernet port of AP A and a laptop which is connected wirelessly to AP B ... to clients on one band/radio, and making a WDS network link with the other ...
Worldwide Diagnostic System
... The WDS diagnoses and reprograms vehicles manufactured from 1996 through present, and is now considered a legacy tool by Ford's corporate tool supplier, Rotunda ... has acquired the licensing rights to the WDS tool on an exclusive worldwide basis, and now supports both OEM dealers and aftermarket repair entities via hardware support contracts and ... ERS plans to continue to support the nearly 30,000 WDS units in the field by continuing to upgrade both the software and hardware components of the WDS tool ...