Waxy may refer to:

  • a substance related to wax
  • colloquially for a waxworm (particularly used by anglers)
  • Waxy (band), an American stoner rock band
  • Waxy (horse), a thoroughbred racehorse
  • WAXY (AM), a radio station (790 AM) licensed to serve South Miami, Florida, United States
  • WAXY-FM, a radio station (104.3 FM) licensed to serve West Palm Beach, Florida

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Waxy Corn - History
... The exact history of waxy maize is unknown ... Collins supposed that waxy maize has arisen by a way of mutation in Upper Burma ... At first we know that the waxy mutation is quite common (see #Genetics) ...
Cuticle - Botany
... In botany, plant cuticles are protective, hydrophobic, waxy coverings produced by the epidermal cells of leaves, young shoots and all other aerial plant organs ... reduce pathogen entry due to their waxy secretion ... not purely the physical and chemical effect of a waxy coating however it depends largely on the microscopic shape of the surface ...
WAXY - See Also
... Cereus (disambiguation), Cerea (disambiguation), waxy in Latin. ...
Waxy Flexibility
... Waxy flexibility is a psychomotor symptom of catatonic schizophrenia which leads to a decreased response to stimuli and a tendency to remain in an immobile posture ... For instance, if one were to move the arm of someone with waxy flexibility, they would keep their arm where one moved it until it was moved again, as if it were made from wax ... it is important to note that although waxy flexibility has historically been linked to schizophrenia, there are also other disorders which it may be associated with, for example, mood ...
Calochortus Amabilis
... This is a perennial herb producing an upright, somewhat waxy branching stem to heights between 10 and 50 centimeters ... The leaf at the base of the stem is flat, waxy, and narrow in shape, reaching up to 50 centimeters long and not withering away at flowering ... The inside of the petals is waxy and coated in small hairs ...

Famous quotes containing the word waxy:

    The string quartet plays for itself,
    gently, gently, sleeves and waxy bows.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)