Water Cooling

Water cooling is a method of heat removal from components and industrial equipment. As opposed to air cooling, water is used as the heat conductor. Water cooling is commonly used for cooling automobile internal combustion engines and large industrial facilities such as steam electric power plants, hydroelectric generators, petroleum refineries and chemical plants. Other uses include cooling the barrels of machine guns, cooling of lubricant oil in pumps; for cooling purposes in heat exchangers; cooling products from tanks or columns, and recently, cooling of various major components inside high-end personal computers. The main mechanism for water cooling is convective heat transfer.

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New Holland Machine Company - "Freeze Proof" Engine - Water Cooling
... Like most stationary engines of the time, Zimmerman's new engine was water-cooled - a jacket around the cylinder was filled with water to keep the engine cool while the engine was in use ... Generally, the water evaporated as the engine was operated and more water had to be added to the water jacket of the typical engine throughout the day ...
Autoclave (industrial) - Design and Construction - Cooling
... With some composite materials in thick lay-ups, slow cooling prevents internal microcracking of the resin matrix resulting from thermally induced stresses ... The cooling method used will depend upon the highest temperature reached before cool-down and the degree of precision that must be maintained as the chamber ... at any rate results from a fixed flow of coolant, water circulated through a coil in the airstream will be effective and inexpensive ...
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... but is later reduced to chloride to minimize toxicity of blowdown or OTC water returned to natural aquatic environments ... Hypochlorite is increasingly destructive to wooden cooling towers as pH increases ... biocides or leached from preserved wood in cooling towers ...
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... electrical conductor, and operated near room temperature with water cooling ... The water cooling is necessary to remove the heat generated by the electrical loss in the cavity ... electrical loss could melt the copper, even with robust water cooling ...
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... Some reefers are equipped with a water cooling system, which can be used if the reefer is stored below deck on a vessel without adequate ventilation to ... Water cooling systems are expensive, so modern vessels rely more on ventilation to remove heat from cargo holds, and the use of water cooling systems is declining ...

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    So God stepped over to the edge of the world
    And He spat out the seven seas;
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    And the waters above the earth came down,
    The cooling waters came down.
    James Weldon Johnson (1871–1938)

    When peaceful clouds were reflected in the paddies
    and the water buffalo stepped surely along terraces,
    maybe fathers told their sons old tales.
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    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)