Some articles on warnings, warning:

Cyclone Urmil (2006) - Preparations and Impact
... Tropical Disturbance 06F, tropical cyclone alerts and strong wind warnings were issued for Niue, Tonga, the Cook Islands, and French Polynesia ... Later that day, the strong wind warnings for the Cook Islands and French Polynesia were canceled, as Urmil no longer posed a threat to the islands ... By January 15, all of the warnings associated with Urmil were lifted ...
Chaser's Five Hour Energy Drink - Warnings
... The health consequences of energy drink use in adolescents are unknown ... In one adolescent patient, use of 5-hour energy was associated with the first-ever seizure experienced by the patient, and the patient had to be taken to the emergency department ...
Bushfires In Victoria - Fire Management - Bushfire Warnings
... Once fires have started, the Country Fire Authority give graded warnings through various means to areas of settlements that may be affected by the fire ... These warnings are distributed as messages detailing the status of the fire, its potential movements and give advice to residents in areas that may be affected ... Emergency Warning – You are in imminent danger and need to take action immediately ...
Tropical Storm Higos (2008) - Preparations, Warnings and Impact - Warnings
... China issued an orange alert on for Higos and the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters activated a third degree emergency response on Friday to prevent flooding, while in Hong Kong, the Standby Signal No. 1 was issued at 7.30 p.m ...
La Mon Restaurant Bombing - The Bombing - Warnings
... After planting the bomb, the IRA members tried to send a warning from the nearest public telephone, but found that it had been vandalized ... By the time they were able to send the warning, only nine minutes remained before the bomb exploded at 2100 ... had received two further telephone warnings at 2057 and 2104 ...

Famous quotes containing the word warnings:

    Along the highway, all but lost among blatant neon lights flashing ‘Whiskey’ and ‘Dance and Dine,’ are crudely daubed warnings erected by itinerant evangelists, announcing that ‘Jesus is soon coming,’ or exhorting the traveler to ‘prepare to meet thy God.’
    —For the State of Florida, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    Most literature on the culture of adolescence focuses on peer pressure as a negative force. Warnings about the “wrong crowd” read like tornado alerts in parent manuals. . . . It is a relative term that means different things in different places. In Fort Wayne, for example, the wrong crowd meant hanging out with liberal Democrats. In Connecticut, it meant kids who weren’t planning to get a Ph.D. from Yale.
    Mary Kay Blakely (20th century)

    Logic and hope fade somewhat by thirty-six, when endings seem more like clear warnings than useful experience.
    Jane O’Reilly, U.S. feminist and humorist. The Girl I Left Behind, ch. 2 (1980)