Warden may refer to:

having care or custody of some institution; the word is related to guardian.
  • Warden (college), head of some University colleges and academic institutions
  • Warden of the Mint, historical highest-ranking officer of the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom
  • Warden, rank of seniority within City of London Livery Companies, e.g. Prime Warden etc
  • Churchwarden, a lay officer in an Anglican or Episcopal church
  • Fire warden, a person designated to aid firefighters at a community level
  • Game warden, an officer empowered to enforce the hunting and trapping laws of a jurisdiction
  • Prison warden, a corrections officer
  • ARP warden, who helped protect British citizens with Air Raid Precautions during World War II
  • Warden of the Royal Forest, chief official and supervisor of the Royal Forest
  • Street warden, an officer aiding police at a community level
  • Traffic warden, a non-warranted officer who assists in regulating the flow of traffic
  • Warden (Masonic), a ruling member in a Masonic Lodge
  • Warden (TTC), a subway station located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Warden Avenue, a major north-south road in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
  • Warden, Free State, South Africa
  • Warden, Kent, England
  • Old Warden, Bedfordshire, England
  • Warden, Northumberland, England
  • Warden, Washington, US
  • Warden, Quebec, Canada
  • Warden, a character class in the game Lord of the Rings Online - Mines of Moria
  • Warden (software), a cheat prevention system used by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Warden, a character class in the game Dark Age of Camelot
  • Warden, an adventure class in the game Everquest 2
  • Grey Warden, a member of the Grey Wardens; an elite warrior order in the RPG Dragon Age: Origins
Lord Warden
  • Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, ceremonial official in the United Kingdom
  • Lord Warden of the Stannaries, office in the governance of Cornwall
  • Lord Warden of the Marches, office in the governments of Scotland and England
  • HMS Lord Warden, British warship
  • Jack Warden (1920–2006), American character actor
  • John A. Warden III (born 1943), colonel in the United States Air Force
  • Warden message, an important message from the U.S. State Department about safety or travel information for U.S. citizens abroad
  • At some educational institutions, a Resident assistant may be referred to as a Warden
  • Warden pear, a large baking pear
  • The Warden, a character on Superjail, the Adult Swim animated series

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Famous quotes containing the word warden:

    This was a great point gained; the archdeacon would certainly not come to morning service at Westminster Abbey, even though he were in London; and here the warden could rest quietly, and, when the time came, duly say his prayers.
    Anthony Trollope (1815–1882)

    Just across the Green from the post office is the county jail, seldom occupied except by some backwoodsman who has been intemperate; the courthouse is under the same roof. The dog warden usually basks in the sunlight near the harness store or the post office, his golden badge polished bright.
    —Administration for the State of Con, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)