War Party

War Party may refer to:

  • War party, an organized military raid, particularly by historical Native Americans
  • War Party (film), 1988 film starring Billy Wirth and Kevin Dillon
  • War Party (album), 2004 album by the heavy metal band GWAR
  • War Party (band), a Cree hip hop band in Canada
  • "War Party", a song by Eddy Grant from Killer on the Rampage

Other articles related to "war party, party, war":

Algernon Percy, 10th Earl Of Northumberland - The English Civil War, 1642–49 - Northumberland's Role in The First English Civil War, 1642–46 - Conversion To The War Party
... favour negotiations with Charles I, Northumberland was quickly coming around to the war party's position ... Following the failure of the negotiations at Uxbridge, Northumberland was thoroughly behind the war party, now known as the Independents ...
Sitting Bear - Struggle For Power After Death of The Kiowa Chief Dohäsan
... they encountered General William Tecumseh Sherman, who had passed by the raiding party as it lay hidden waiting for the wagon train ... Mackenzie and the 4th Cavalry to pursue the war party and bring back those responsible for the attack ... The Army did not catch the war party, the war party caught themselves ...
Classical Greece - 4th Century BC - Rise of Macedon
... With the start of the Phocian War in 356 BC, Demosthenes became increasingly active in encouraging Athens to fight vigorously against Phillip's expansionistic aims ... attacked and captured Amphipolis in 357 BC, Athens declared war on Macedonia ... In 352 BC, the great Athenian orator and political leader of the "war party", Demosthenes gave many speeches against the Macedonian threat, declaring Phillip II as Athen's greatest enemy ...
Battle Of Tipton's Island
... Tipton's Island was an engagement between a Kickapoo war party and Indiana Rangers under command of John Tipton in April 1813, near White River, in Indiana ... In April 1813, during the War of 1812, a Kickapoo war party killed two white settlers eight miles away from Fort Vallonia ... The war party continued towards the fort, killing another settler and wounding three more ...
Chickamauga Wars (1776–1794) - The "Second Cherokee War" - Jemima Boone and The Callaway Sisters
... In one of these raids, a war party led by Hanging Maw (Skwala-guta) of Coyatee (Kaietiyi), captured three teenage girls in a canoe on the Kentucky River ... The war party hurried toward the Shawnee towns north of the Ohio River, but were overtaken by Boone and his rescue party after three days ... After a brief firefight, the war party retreated and the girls were rescued ...

Famous quotes containing the words party and/or war:

    I did not enter the Labour Party forty-seven years ago to have our manifesto written by Dr. Mori, Dr. Gallup and Mr. Harris.
    Tony Benn (b. 1925)

    Every country we conquer feeds us. And these are just a few of the good things we’ll have when this war is over.... Slaves working for us everywhere while we sit back with a fork in our hands and a whip on our knees.
    Curtis Siodmak (1902–1988)