Venturers Search and Rescue - Current Rescue Boats

Current Rescue Boats

Callsign: Venturer Rescue One
Name: Steadfast Venturer
Make: Ocean Dynamics
Model: Ribworker D900
Length: 9.2 meters
Engine: 1 x Iveco 6-Cylinder NEF 400 horse Power Turbo Charged Diesel
Propulsion: 1 x Hamilton HJ322 Waterjet
Max Service Speed: 32 knots (fully operational)
Crew: 4
Commissioned: May 2003

Callsign: Venturer Rescue Two
Name: New Forest Venturer
Make: Island Plastics
Model: Barbarian 8.9
Length: 8.9 meters
Engine: 2 x Honda V-Tech 150 hp each 4-stroke outboard motors
propulsion: 2 x outboards (see Above)
Max Service Speed: 38 knots (fully operational)
Crew: 4
Commissioned: 2002-2008 Cowes ILB, 2008–present Venturers SAR

Callsign: Venturer Rescue Three
Name: MLB Venturer
Make: Humber Inflatables
Model: Attack 4
Length: 4.0 meters
Engine: 1 x Yamaha 4 stroke electric tilt / start 20 hp outboard motor
propulsion: 1 x outboards (see Above)
Max Service Speed: 18 knots (fully operational)
Crew: 2/3
Commissioned: 2008

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