Variations of The Sega Mega Drive

Variations Of The Sega Mega Drive

During its lifespan, the Sega Mega Drive received several officially licensed variations. While only one major design revision of the console was created during its lifespan, each region has its own peculiarities and unique items, while other variations were exercises in reducing costs (such as the removal of the little-used 9-pin EXT. port) or expanding the capabilities of the Mega Drive. A list of these variations can be found below.

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Variations Of The Sega Mega Drive - Sega Mega Drive Derived Hardware - Unauthorized Clones
... An unauthorized Mega Drive clone called the Super Creation was sold in certain Asian markets in the early and mid 90s ... The clone looks like a first-generation Japanese Mega Drive except that it lacks the Sega branding on the lower right corner of the device ... headphones jack, and joystick connectors that are compatible with official Mega Drive accessories ...

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