Variable Region

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T-cell Receptor - Structural Characteristics of The TCR
... TCR is a disulfide-linked membrane-anchored heterodimer normally consisting of the highly variable alpha (α) and beta (β) chains expressed as part of a ... of T cells express an alternate receptor, formed by variable gamma (γ) and delta (δ) chains, referred as γδ T cells ... Each chain is composed of a Variable (V) region and a Constant (C) region ...
Surface Immunoglobulin - Structure - Heavy Chain
... Each heavy chain has two regions, the constant region and the variable region ... The constant region is identical in all antibodies of the same isotype, but differs in antibodies of different isotypes ... Heavy chains γ, α and δ have a constant region composed of three tandem (in a line) Ig domains, and a hinge region for added flexibility heavy chains μ and ε have a constant region ...

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