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Firecrackers. A Realistic Novel
... A Realistic Novel (1925), by Carl Van Vechten Of the four (out of seven) novels that deal directly with what Carl Van Vechten called "the splendid drunken twenties" in New York, Firecrackers was ... novel will strike many readers as quaint or mannered or camp (or all three), but Van Vechten subtitled it A Realistic Novel, and the hi-jinks from the period on which it reports are apparently accurate ... As early as 1925, Van Vechten saw the end in sight even if few others were looking ahead that far ...
Gertrude Stein - Literary Career
... Stein and Carl Van Vechten, the noted critic and photographer, became acquainted in Paris in 1913 ... The two became lifelong friends, devising pet names for each other Van Vechten was “Papa Woojums,” and Stein, “Baby Woojums.” Van Vechten served as an enthusiastic champion of Stein’s literary work in the ...
Abraham Van Vechten - Life
... Abraham Van Vechten was born on December 5, 1762 in Catskill, Albany County (now Greene County), New York ... He was the son of Teunis Van Vechten (1707–1785) and Judikje Ten Broeck Van Vechten ... Van Vechten was a presidential elector in 1828, voting for John Quincy Adams and Richard Rush ...

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