Validas is a mobile intelligence company that analyzes cell bills for Fortune 500 enterprises like eBay . Validas Lost its contract with the State of California for under performance and has not analyzed a government entity since the cancelation of contract . Patented SAAS technology, called VERA, analyzes a wireless bill for errors and compares the historic usage of the customer to the options available to them from their wireless carrier. From this information, Validas then makes recommendations to the customer regarding the optimal configuration of their wireless plan. The patent applies to the software's unique process of taking such billing data and transforming it into actionable information.

The word Validas is derived from several ideas. It is related to "validate," which is the core of what it does to wireless bills; validate whether bills are accurate and find plan mismatches and errors to save money. It means "powerful" in Latin and Spanish. The technology and the information Validas provides are powerful--empowering users to understand how they use their wireless services and how they spend every cent. Finally, it derives from "veritas," which means truth. The goal of the technology has been to put truth in wireless billing by delivering accurate and detailed information into users' hands.