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Jupiter Direct - Controversy and Criticism - Jupiter Upper Stage Mass
... The Jupiter Upper Stage (JUS) mass to propellant capacity has been regarded as realistic ... Minimal upper stage mass is desirable so that the stage may propel the Orion and Altair spacecraft out of Earth orbit, but the JUS must be made large enough to carry enough ... While claiming a design heritage from the Centaur series of upper stages, DIRECT specifically cites new materials, new welding techniques, and a common bulkhead separating the Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Hydrogen ...
Titan IIIE
... The Titan IIIE was a three stage rocket, derived from the Titan IIIC ... of the hypergolic Transtage third stage with the cryogenic Centaur-D upper stage to increase performance ... It was the first Titan rocket to use a Centaur upper stage, which would later be used on the Titan IV ...
Molniya-M - Variants
... There were four main variants of the Molniya-M, which varied in terms of their upper stage ... Originally, the Block L stage was used, however uprated versions replaced this with more powerful, or specialised, stages, for different missions ... missile defence spacecraft, had a Block 2BL upper stage, The Molniya-M/ML had a Block ML upper stage, and the Molniya-M/SO-L had a Block SO-L stage ...
Jupiter Direct - Jupiter Launch Vehicle Family
... Each Jupiter launch vehicle would use a "common core stage" consisting of a tank structure based closely on the existing Space Shuttle External Tank with a pair ... For flights lifting payloads massing 70 Tonnes or less, the Jupiter would fly with no upper stage and utilize only three SSMEs ... This configuration is designated the Jupiter-130, indicating one cryogenic stage to reach orbital insertion, three SSMEs powering this common core ...
Ares I-X - Flight Test - October 28, 2009 (Launch) - Upper Stage Simulator Flat Spin
... The unpowered Upper Stage Simulator (USS), which was not meant to be retrieved, impacted further out into the Atlantic Ocean ... caused by a collision between the USS and the first stage, further analysis showed that no actual recontact happened and that the tumble had been one of the possible behaviours predicted by pre-flight simulations ... to the characteristics of a real Ares I upper stage, and was not intended to test the upper stage's independent performance ...

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