University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences

University Of Minnesota College Of Biological Sciences

The College of Biological Sciences (CBS) is a college devoted to the study of biological sciences and one of seven freshman admitting colleges at the University of Minnesota. Established in 1869 as the The College of Sciences, the College of Biological Sciences is now located on both the Minneapolis Campus and the St. Paul Campus. CBS is a college that focuses its undergraduate and graduate attention towards research. The dean is Robert Elde and the associate dean is Robin Wright.

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University Of Minnesota College Of Biological Sciences - Student Involvement
... different student organizations related to the biological sciences ... sponsored student clubs include CBS Student Board CBS Ambassadors Deans' Scholars Program University of Minnesota students also have the opportunity to create their own student groups ... include AED Pre-Medical Honor Society AMSA Premed Biochemistry Club Biological Science Journal Club Biology Club Biology Hoopla Club Biology Without Borders Ecology, Evolution, and ...

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