Umayamma Rani - Description of Umayamma Rani

Description of Umayamma Rani

The Dutch representative William Van Nieuhoff describes the Rani as:

... I was introduced into her majesty's presence. She had a guard of above 700 Nair soldiers about her, all clad after the Malabar fashion; the Queens attire being no more than a piece of callicoe wrapt around her middle, the upper part of her body appearing for the most part naked, with a piece of callicoe hanging carelessly round her shoulders. Her ears, which were very long, her neck and arms were adorned with precious stones, gold rings and bracelets and her head covered with a piece of white callicoe. She was past her middle age, of a brown complexion, with black hair tied in a knot behind, but of majestick mein, she being a princess who shew'd a great deal of good conduct in the management of her affairs
Umayamma Rani Kulasekhara Dynasty Born: - Died: 1705
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Rajah Aditya Varma
Rani of Venad, Attingal Mootha Thampuran
Succeeded by
Rajah Ravi Varma

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Umayamma Rani - The Royal Family
... Excluding the collateral branches, the members at the time of Umayamma Rani's rule in the Royal family of Venad were Makayiram Thirunal, the Senior Rani of ... Umayamma Rani also adopted in the same year two boys, solely for domestic purposes, with no claims to the throne, namely Raman Koyil Pandarathil, from ... On failure they tried to conciliate the Senior Rani of Attingal, Makayiram Thirunal but even this failed ...
Umayamma Rani - Adoption of Heirs
... It is generally believed that Umayamma Rani had six sons of whom five were drowned by the Ettuveetil Pillamar and that Ravi Varma was her eldest and only surviving son ... sources, modern historians have not only disproved this fable but also positively concluded that Umayamma Rani did not have any children at all ... In 1682 the Senior Rani of Attingal died and Umayamma Rani succeeded as principal Queen of Venad ...
Umayamma Rani
... Aswathi Thirunal Umayamma, popularly known as Umayamma Rani, was the Regent of Venad from 1677 to 1684 on behalf of her nephew Rajah Ravi Varma who ruled thereafter ...
Ettuveetil Pillamar - Modern Views
... important revelations made the by documents of the Temple are with regard to Aditya Varma and Umayamma Rani ... Another significant fact that has come to light is that Umayamma Rani had no children at all and hence the story of the murder of her five children is disproved ... The Royal family consisted only of Umayamma Rani, a Senior Rani and Ravi Varma, the son of the Senior Rani ...

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