Ultimate Force - Cast Evolution By Series

Cast Evolution By Series

Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 4
Red Troop Henno Garvie Henno Garvie Henno Garvie Henno Garvie
Pete Twamley Pete Twamley Louis Hoffman Louis Hoffman
Ricky Mann Ricky Mann Dave Woolston Dave Woolston
Jamie Dow Jamie Dow Becca Gallagher Becca Gallagher
Caroline Walshe Caroline Walshe Ed Dwyer Finn Younger
Jem Poynton Louis Hoffman
Alex Leonard Jem Poynton (Ep 1 only)
Sam Leonard (Ep 1 Only)
Mick Sharpe (Ep 3, And 6 only)
Commanding Officer Dotsy Doheny Dotsy Doheny (Eps 1-2) Patrick Fleming
Ian Macalwain (Eps 2-6)
Regiment Commander Aidan Dempsey Aidan Dempsey Aidan Dempsey Aidan Dempsey
MI5 Attache Box 500 Pru Banks Kathy Crampton

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