Twisted Sister - History of Twisted Sister - Separation Period (1987–1997)

Separation Period (1987–1997)

After the band's break-up, former members were involved in different projects:

  • Snider formed Desperado, Widowmaker, and SMFs. Joey Franco also played drums in Widowmaker. He also wrote and starred in the movie Strangeland. A sequel, Strangeland 2, is planned.
  • Ojeda went on to join Scarecrow and then formed Prisoners of War. Both projects were unsuccessful. He also worked as a session guitarist and guitar instructor.
  • French stopped performing except for some guest appearances. He formed French Management and produced the alternative metal band Sevendust's first self-titled album.
  • Mendoza briefly joined Blackfoot. Then he worked as a producer and manager. He also occasionally pursued solo projects.
  • Pero was involved in several projects and subsequently toured with Snider's SMFs.
  • Franco worked as a session drummer and played with Snider's Widowmaker.

In 1992, Atlantic Records, released a "best of" album Big Hits and Nasty Cuts that also featured some live performances from the Under The Blade period. This album was compiled by French. A live album from the Stay Hungry era named Live At Hammersmith was released in 1994 by CMC International.

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