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Co-Dependents Anonymous
... on Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) using the same twelve steps as AA with the substitution on one word in the first step, "We admitted we were powerless over others" (not alcohol) "-- that our lives had become unmanageable ... and ACoA meetings convinced them to initiate a new Twelve Step fellowship, Codependents Anonymous ... Norwood’s Women Who Love Too Much, 1985, sold two and a half million copies and spawned Twelve Step groups across the country for women “addicted” to men ...
NGO Fontana - Programme
... initiated a modernizing project in Binh Minh Treatment Centre to introduce twelve step and upgrade the physical conditions of the centre with new equipment for sports ... It also continued with the twelve-step programme and further included extended care and vocational training ... Evaluation by Fontana in 2009 on the effectiveness of the twelve-step programme showed encouraging results that Vietnamese patients responded well to the programme despite linguistic and cultural ...
Pagans In Recovery - Why Separate From Regular Twelve-step Meetings?
... Many Pagans are uncomfortable with traditional twelve-step meetings because of the use of Christian prayers, the difficulty in finding supportive sponsors, the assumption that a ... Some Pagans find the 12 steps themselves too reminiscent of Christian theology to be applicable to their belief systems ... titled Many Roads, One Journey Moving Beyond the 12 Steps, a work which has greatly influenced the Pagan Recovery Movement ...
Twelve-step Suite
... The Twelve-step Suite (also known as the Twelve-step Saga or Alcoholics Anonymous Suite), is a series of five songs by progressive metal band Dream Theater ... Each song represents a certain number of the Twelve Steps ...
Self-help Groups For Mental Health - Comparison - Recovery International
... Recovery International is "twelve-step friendly." Members of any twelve-step group are encourage to attend Recovery International meetings in addition to their twelve-step group participation ...

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    Anyone who is practically acquainted with scientific work is aware that those who refuse to go beyond fact rarely get as far as fact; and anyone who has studied the history of science knows that almost every great step therein has been made by the “anticipation of Nature.”
    Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–95)

    Give a scientist a problem and he will probably provide a solution; historians and sociologists, by contrast, can offer only opinions. Ask a dozen chemists the composition of an organic compound such as methane, and within a short time all twelve will have come up with the same solution of CH4. Ask, however, a dozen economists or sociologists to provide policies to reduce unemployment or the level of crime and twelve widely differing opinions are likely to be offered.
    Derek Gjertsen, British scientist, author. Science and Philosophy: Past and Present, ch. 3, Penguin (1989)