Twelfth Century

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Rus (name) - Early Evidence
... to the Primary Chronicle, a historical compilation attributed to the twelfth century, Rus was a group of Varangians who lived on the other side of the Baltic sea, in Scandinavia ... of the Novgorod First Chronicle, which is partially based on the original list of the late 11th Century and partially on the Primary Chronicle, does not name the Varangians asked by the ... In the eleventh century, the dominant term in the Latin tradition was Ruscia ...
List Of Anglo-Welsh Wars - Twelfth Century
... Civil wars in England allow the Welsh kingdoms space to consolidate their positions ... The end of the century sees a resurgent Gwynedd expand at the expense of her neighbours ...
List Of French-language Authors - Middle Ages
... Turold (eleventh century) Wace (1110 – c.1180) Chrétien de Troyes (c.1135 – c.1183) Richard the Lionheart (Richard Coeur de Lion) (1157–1199) Benoît de Sainte-Maure (twelfth century) Le Châtelain ... late 12th-first half of 13th century) Philippe de Rémi (c.1205–c1265) Philippe de Beaumanoir (c.1247–c1296) Raoul de Soissons (c.1215–1272) Richard de Fournival (1201– c.1260 ... After 1208) Bertrand de Bar-sur-Aube (late twelfth-early thirteenth) Guillaume de Lorris (c.1200 – c.1238) Theobald IV of Champagne (1201–1253) Jean de Joinville ( c.1224 – c.1317) Rutebeuf (c.1230 ...
History Of Sufism - 13th To 16th Centuries - Muslim Spain
... During the twelfth century the foundation for mystic thought in the western world lay in Spain ... Sufis from Al-Andalus during the sixth/twelfth century created their own doctrines ... By the twelfth Century however, times had begun to change ...
Byzantium Under The Komnenos Dynasty - Twelfth Century 'Renassaince'
... details on this topic, see Byzantine civilisation in the twelfth century ... It has recently been argued that a '12th century renaissance' occurred in Byzantium ... Although the term does not enjoy widespread usage, it is beyond doubt that 12th century Byzantium witnessed major cultural developments, which were largely underpinned by rapid economic expansion ...

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    The twelfth day of Christmas,
    My true love sent to me
    Twelve lords a-leaping.
    —Unknown. The Twelve Days of Christmas (l. 89–91)