TSR may refer to:

  • TSR, Inc. (originally Tactical Studies Rules), the original publisher of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game
  • Technical Support Representative- A call center agent responsible for handling customer service regarding computers

TSR may stand for:

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TSR, Inc. - Criticism
... The company was the subject of an urban myth stating that it tried to trademark the term "Nazi" ... This was based on a supplement for the Indiana Jones RPG, in which some figures were marked with "NaziTM" ...
Lorraine Williams - The Downfall of TSR
... During the 1980s, TSR was the top games company in North America ... However, in the early 1990s, TSR fell behind both Games Workshop and Wizards of the Coast in terms of sales volume ... Wizards of the Coast with their collectible card game Magic The Gathering, TSR attempted to enter this market in 1996 in a novel way with Dragon Dice, a game that used packs of collectible dice instead of ...
List Of Wizards Of The Coast Products - Games and Products - Role-playing Games and Supplements
... Alternity (defunct line, acquired in the TSR buyout) Ars Magica 3rd edition supplements only ... d20 Modern d20 system Dream Craft Dungeons Dragons (acquired in the TSR buyout) Everway Gamma World Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (acquired in the TSR buyout) Star Wars ...
The Jade Hare
... available as a "give-away" module (included with purchases for free) from the TSR Mail Order Hobby Shop in 1992 ... It features Larry Elmore artwork against a white background, and identifies the TSR stock # (9259) ... used as the cover for the "Dungeon of Dread" Endless Quest gamebook, also released by TSR ...
Lorraine Williams
... Dille Williams is an American businesswoman who was in charge of the gaming company TSR, Inc ... Williams was hired as TSR's manager by company co-founder Gary Gygax in 1984 ... She gained control of TSR the following year when the Blume brothers sold her their controlling shares of the company ...