Trent Parker - O


Kevin O'Connor (deceased)
(Kevin Bernhardt, 1985–86)
Doctor at General Hospital. Was married to Terry Brock. Responsible for the Lauralton Murders and the Brownstone Murder. Tried to kill Terry Brock. Was hit over the head by Terry with a rock and fell off a cliff.
Patrick O'Connor
(Guy Mack, 1985–88)
Resident doctor at General Hospital. Brother of Kevin O'Connor. Pursued Terry Brock, but eventually gave up on her and left Port Charles.
(Beulah Quo, 1985–91)
Chinese woman from the Asian Quarter. Grandmother of Suki. Friend of The Ancient One.
Connor Olivera
(Michael Lynch, 1991–92)
Friend of Mac Scorpio. Tried to protect Dominique Stanton from her abusive husband. Was on the run from immigration. Son of Sean Donely. Managed and sang at The Outback.
Lisa Obrecht
(Kathleen Gati, 2012—)
Doctor working at a clinic in Lucerne, Switzerland, revealed to be helping Cesar Faison keep Robin Scorpio captive. Ex-lover of Cesar Faison. Mother of Britt Westbourne.
Brighton O'Reilly (deceased)
(Billie Hayes, 1981, 1985)
WSB Agent. Shot and killed by Victor Cassadine in 1981. Remembered in a series of flashbacks in 1985 showcasing the early adventures of WSB Agents Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane.
Ronan O'Reilly (deceased)
(Mentioned character, 2010)
Assassin from Ireland. Lookalike of Lucky Spencer. Murdered Siobhan McKenna's boyfriend. Had ties to The Balkan. Killed after an accident at a soccer game. Lucky impersonates O'Reilly after his death while working undercover for Interpol.
Finian O'Toole
(Arte Johnson, 1991–92)
Mac Scorpio's first friend in Port Charles, having helped him escape and hide from his angry brother Robert. Was a very colorful man, having had five wives and numerous jobs. Became Sly Eckert's caretaker and was arrested after killing Sly's slimy mother, Nancy, who had been threatening to take custody away from Bill Eckert.

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