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List Of Nikola Tesla Patents - American - Patents #1–#50
0,396,121 - Thermo Magnetic Motor - 1888 January 15 - Widely known that heat applied to a magnetic body will lessen its magnetizing ability High enough temperatures will destroy the ... Patent 0,405,858 - Electro Magnetic Motor - 1889 June 25 - Torque, instead of being the result in the difference in the magnetic periods or phases of the poles or to the attractive parts to whatever due, is ... from the circumference to the center Contacts applied to the shafts form terminals of a circuit to produce a sum of electromotive forces of the two disks If direction of the fields are the same, driving the disks in ...
Differential (mechanical Device) - Traction-aiding Devices
... are coupled to the carrier via a multi-disc clutch which allows extra torque to be sent to the wheel with higher resistance than available at the other driven road ... Below the limit of friction more torque goes to the slower (inside) wheel ... like a spooled differential, the LSD will remain open unless enough torque is applied to cause one wheel to lose traction and spin, at which point it will engage ...
Bicycle Wheel - Construction - Spokes - Lacing
... However, to efficiently transfer torque from the hub to the rim, as with driven wheels or wheels with drum or disc brakes, durability dictates that spokes be mounted at an angle to the hub ... For all common tension-spoke wheels with crossed spokes, a torque applied to the hub will result in one half of the spokes - called "leading spokes ... When forward torque is applied (i.e ...
Gyroscopic Exercise Tool - Mechanics
... very different if the axle is turned by applying a torque ... and speed of the shift can be found from the formula for the precession of a gyroscope the applied torque is equal to the cross product of the angular velocity of precession and ... important observation here is that the direction is such that, if the torque is large enough, the friction between the axle and the surface of the groove will speed up the rotation ...

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    The insidiousness of science lies in its claim to be not a subject, but a method. You could ignore a subject; no subject is all-inclusive. But a method can plausibly be applied to anything within the field of consciousness.
    Katharine Fullerton Gerould (1879–1944)

    Poetry uses the hub of a torque converter for a jello mold.
    Diane Glancy (b. 1941)