Tomb of Fu Hao

The Tomb of Fu Hao (simplified Chinese: 妇好墓; traditional Chinese: 婦好墓; pinyin: Fù Hǎo Mù) is an archaeological site at Yinxu, the ruins of the ancient Shang Dynasty capital Yin, within the modern city of Anyang in Henan Province, China. Discovered in 1976, it was identified as the final resting place of the queen and military general Fu Hao, who died about 1200 BCE and was likely the Lady Hao (who was killed by a different state officer) inscribed on oracle bones by king Wu Ding and one of his many wives.

It is to date the only Shang royal tomb found intact with its contents and excavated by archaeologists. The excavation was conducted by the Anyang Working Team of the Archaeological Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and after extensive restoration the tomb was opened to the public in 1999.

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