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Toronto Montessori Schools
... Toronto Montessori Schools, now rebranded to "TMS School", was the first Montessori school in Canada ... TMS School has two campuses in Richmond Hill ... The TMS School Bayview Campus is located at 8569 Bayview Avenue and is one of the flagship Montessori schools for students aged 18 months to grade 6 ...
Major Facilitator Family
... Surprisingly, all currently recognised MFS permeases retain the two six-TMS units within a single polypeptide chain, although in 3 of the 17 MFS families, an additional two TMSs are found ...
Trimethylsilanol - Occurrence
... TMS is a common contaminant in the atmospheres of spacecraft, where it arises from the degradation of silicone-based materials ... with trimethylsilyl groups (CH3)3SiOnR + H2O → (CH3)3SiOH + HOnR TMS and related volatile siloxanes are formed by hydrolysis of silicones-based containing materials, which are found in ... Traces of TMS, together with other volatile siloxanes, are present in biogas and landfill gas, again resulting from the degradation of silicones ...