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Khanum - Khanate Rulers and Dynasties - Compound and Derived Princely Titles
... The higher, rather imperial title Khaqan ("Khan of Khans") applies to probably the most famous rulers known as Khan the Mongol imperial dynasty of Genghis Khan (his name was Tem├╝jin, Genghis Khan a ... The ruling descendants of the main branch of Genghis Khan's dynasty are referred to as the Great Khans ... The title Khan of Khans was among numerous titles used by the Sultans of the Ottoman empire as well as the rulers of the Golden Horde and its descendant ...
History Of Mongolia - Mongol Period - The Forty and The Four - The Third Introduction of Buddhism
... the advice of his nephew Hutuhtai Secen Hongtaiji, Altan Khan of Tumet invited the head of Gelug school Sonam Gyatso to his domain ... Upon their meeting in 1577, Altan Khan recognised Sonam Gyatso lama a reincarnation of Phagpa lama ... Thus, Altan had the title "khan" he had assumed recognised by Sonam Gyatso while the latter received support of his supremacy over the Tibetan sangha ...
Khanum - Khanate Rulers and Dynasties - Ruling Khans
... A khan controls a khanate (sometimes spelled chanat ... In the Mongolian language, "khan" is also pronounced with double "a"s like "Khaan" ... Khaant means "with Khaan," like "Khaant ulus" or "nation with Khan" or khanate ...

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