Tissue Factor

Tissue factor, also called platelet tissue factor, factor III, thromboplastin, or CD142 is a protein present in subendothelial tissue and leukocytes necessary for the initiation of thrombin formation from the zymogen prothrombin.

This gene encodes coagulation factor III which is a cell surface glycoprotein. This factor enables cells to initiate the blood coagulation cascades, and it functions as the high-affinity receptor for the coagulation factor VII. The resulting complex provides a catalytic event that is responsible for initiation of the coagulation protease cascades by specific limited proteolysis. Unlike the other cofactors of these protease cascades, which circulate as nonfunctional precursors, this factor is a potent initiator that is fully functional when expressed on cell surfaces. There are 3 distinct domains of this factor: extracellular, transmembrane, and cytoplasmic. This protein is the only one in the coagulation pathway for which a congenital deficiency has not been described. In addition to the membrane-bound tissue factor, soluble form of tissue factor was also found which results from alternatively spliced tissue factor mRNA transcripts, in which exon 5 is absent and exon 4 is spliced directly to exon 6.

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... Although sometimes used as a synonym for tissue factor, this is a misconception ... is the combination of both phospholipids and tissue factor, both needed in the activation of the extrinsic pathway ... partial thromboplastin is just phospholipids, and not tissue factor ...
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... elastin, 4HB, and insulin-like growth factor in tobacco chloroplasts ... a deal with Sunol Molecular in 2003 to develop antibodies against tissue factor in plants and in mammalian cell culture and to compare them ... In 2005 Sunol sold all its tissue factor antagonists to Tanox, which in turn was bought by Genentech in 2003 ...
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... The main role of factor VII (FVII) is to initiate the process of coagulation in conjunction with tissue factor (TF/factor III) ... Tissue factor is found on the outside of blood vessels - normally not exposed to the bloodstream ... Upon vessel injury, tissue factor is exposed to the blood and circulating factor VII ...
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... Tissue factor has been shown to interact with Factor VII. ...
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... These are the contact activation pathway (also known as the intrinsic pathway), and the tissue factor pathway (also known as the extrinsic pathway) ... pathway for the initiation of blood coagulation is the tissue factor pathway ... in which a zymogen (inactive enzyme precursor) of a serine protease and its glycoprotein co-factor are activated to become active components that then catalyze the next reaction in the cascade, ultimately resulting ...

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