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One-time Pad - True Randomness Requirements - Achieving Shannon Security
... know the initial conditions to an accuracy that grows exponentially over time ... For use in a one-time pad, data should exhibit perfect randomness ... One-time pad key material generated in this way (i.e ...
Venona Project - Decryption - Breakthrough
... numbers, to which additive keys (from one-time pads) were added, encrypting the content ... When used correctly, one-time pad encryption is unbreakable ... and British code-breakers revealed that some of the one-time pad material had incorrectly been reused by the Soviets (specifically, entire pages ...
Modern Cryptography - Cryptanalysis
... In connection with his WWII work at Bell Labs, Claude Shannon proved that the one-time pad cipher is unbreakable, provided the key material is truly random, never reused, kept secret from all possible ... Most ciphers, apart from the one-time pad, can be broken with enough computational effort by brute force attack, but the amount of effort needed may be ... This means it must be shown that no efficient method (as opposed to the time-consuming brute force method) can be found to break the cipher ...
Japanese Cryptology From The 1500s To Meiji - Random Numbers
... The "one-time pad" system is only cipher system that is totally secure ... to come up with and creating, distributing, and managing pads for more than a handful of correspondents is beyond the capabilities of even most ... however, the German government was using one-time pads for diplomatic correspondence ...
One-time Pad
... In cryptography, the one-time pad (OTP) is a type of encryption which has been proven to be impossible to crack if used correctly ... by a modular addition with a bit or character from a secret random key (or pad) of the same length as the plaintext, resulting in a ciphertext ... However, practical problems have prevented one-time pads from being widely used, except with quantum key distribution ...

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