Time Domain

Time domain is the analysis of mathematical functions, physical signals or time series of economic or environmental data, with respect to time. In the time domain, the signal or function's value is known for all real numbers, for the case of continuous time, or at various separate instants in the case of discrete time. An oscilloscope is a tool commonly used to visualize real-world signals in the time domain. A time-domain graph shows how a signal changes with time, whereas a frequency-domain graph shows how much of the signal lies within each given frequency band over a range of frequencies.

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... Time domain methods can be further divided into one step methods (time domain sensitivities) and iterative methods (shooting methods) ...
Time Domain - Origin of Term
... The use of the contrasting terms time domain and frequency domain developed in US communication engineering in the late 1940s, with the terms appearing together without definition by 1949 ...
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... Time domain simulations compute workpiece and tool position on very small time scales without great sacrifice in accuracy of the instability process and of the surface modeled ... Time domain simulations are quite difficult to robustify, but a lot of work is being done in this direction in the research laboratories ...
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... The time-domain approach consists of applying two pump pulses ... After a determined waiting time, ranging from a zero to a few hundred picoseconds, an interaction with a third pulse again creates a coherence, which, due to an oscillating ... to retrieve frequency and phase information the signal is usually collected in the frequency domain using a spectrometer yielding detection frequency ...
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... (FVT) is one of several similar theorems used to relate frequency domain expressions to the time domain behavior as time approaches infinity ... A final value theorem allows the time domain behavior to be directly calculated by taking a limit of a frequency domain expression, as opposed to ...

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