Time Derivative

A time derivative is a derivative of a function with respect to time, usually interpreted as the rate of change of the value of the function. The variable denoting time is usually written as .

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Finite Strain Theory - Deformation Gradient Tensor - Time-derivative of The Deformation Gradient
... Calculations that involve the time-dependent deformation of a body often require a time derivative of the deformation gradient to be calculated ... A geometrically consistent definition of such a derivative requires an excursion into differential geometry but we avoid those issues in this article ... The time derivative of is where is the velocity ...
Uniform Circular Motion - In Polar Coordinates
... the origin to the particle location where is the unit vector parallel to the radius vector at time t and pointing away from the origin ... The velocity is the time derivative of the displacement Because the radius of the circle is constant, the radial component of the velocity is zero ... The unit vector has a time-invariant magnitude of unity, so as time varies its tip always lies on a circle of unit radius, with an angle θ the same as the angle of ...
Control-Lyapunov Function - Example
... Now taking the time derivative of The goal is to get the time derivative to be which is globally exponentially stable if is globally positive definite (which it is) ... This control law will guarantee global exponential stability since upon substitution into the time derivative yields, as expected which is a linear first order differential equation which has solution And ...
Diffusion Monte Carlo - The Projector Method
... These functions are called stationary states, because the time derivative at any point x is always the same, so the amplitude of the wave function never changes in time ... measurable, the system does not change in time ... We've removed the imaginary number from the time derivative and added in a constant offset of, which is the ground state energy ...

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    Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957)

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