Tien Shan Pai

Tien Shan Pai (天山派, pinyin Tiānshān pài) is a northern style of Kung-fu which stresses rhythm, the demonstration of power accentuated by solid thuds made by the hands, the emitting of power from the entire body, the coordination of the hands and feet as well as blocks and strikes, high kicks and low sweeps, as well as locking and throwing techniques. At the same time it also contains graceful empty-hand and weapons forms. Tien Shan Pai self-defense is characterized by angular attacks coupled with multiple blocks. If one block fails, the second can cover. Footwork is considered essential to countering attacks. Tien Shan Pai focuses on low and steady steps to the side, along with swift "hidden" steps to trick the opponent. Paired boxing forms and exercises are emphasized for timing and accurate evaluation of distance in reference to a moving, responsive adversary.

According to the legend taught by Master Wang to his students the style originated in the Tien Shan mountains of northwestern China. Master Wang maintained that Tien Shan Pai was an ancient style of more than 60 generations.

By contrast, however, some of Wang’s still living senior disciples and students state that Tien Shan Pai is an eclectic system, some of which has older antecedents, but which was first taught as a system by their teacher beginning in the late 1940s.

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