Thorium Fuel Cycle - Nuclear Reactions With Thorium

Nuclear Reactions With Thorium

In the thorium cycle, fuel is formed when 232Th captures a neutron (whether in a fast reactor or thermal reactor) to become 233Th. This normally emits an electron and an anti-neutrino (ν) by β− decay to become 233Pa. This then emits another electron and anti-neutrino by a second β− decay to become 233U, the fuel:

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Thorium Fuel Cycle - Nuclear Reactions With Thorium - Uranium-232 Contamination
... to 228Th where it joins decay chain of 232Th Thorium-cycle fuels produce hard gamma emissions, which damage electronics, limiting their use in military bomb triggers. 232U cannot be chemically separated from 233U from used nuclear fuel however, chemical separation of thorium from uranium removes the decay product 228Th and the radiation ...

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