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Hip - Anatomy - Muscles and Movements
... The hip muscles act on three mutually perpendicular main axes, all of which pass through the center of the femoral head, resulting in three degrees of ... It should be noted that some of the hip muscles also act on either the vertebral joints or the knee joint, that with their extensive areas of origin and/or insertion, different part of individual muscles ... the obturator internus, and their function simply is to assist the latter muscle ...
Nerve Root
... the slope and a slight twist in the opposite direction has fallen Root) Paraspinal muscle contracture Reduction of cervical lordosis Numerous painful points on the edges of the blade Extensive irritation in areas ... Handshake is weakened and bend the fingers, sometimes there is a small hand muscles atrophy ... be initiated as early as possible, before any increase in muscle tone, which further intensifies the pain ...
Human Pelvis - Muscles - Hip and Thigh
... Muscles of the hip The muscles of the hip are divided into a dorsal and a ventral group ... The dorsal hip muscles are either inserted into the region of the lesser trochanter (anterior or inner group) or the greater trochanter (posterior or outer group) ... and laterally rotates the hip in the upright posture and assists in extension of the thigh ...

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