Theoretical Astronomy - Integrating Astronomy and Physics

Integrating Astronomy and Physics

"Contrary to the belief generally held by laboratory physicists, astronomy has contributed to the growth of our understanding of physics." Physics has helped in the elucidation of astronomical phenomena, and astronomy has helped in the elucidation of physical phenomena:

  1. discovery of the law of gravitation came from the information provided by the motion of the Moon and the planets,
  2. viability of nuclear fusion as demonstrated in the Sun and stars and yet to be reproduced on Earth in a controlled form.

Integrating astronomy with physics involves

Physical interaction Astronomical phenomena
Electromagnetism: observation using the electromagnetic spectrum
black body radiation stellar radiation
synchrotron radiation radio and X-ray sources
inverse-Compton scattering astronomical X-ray sources
acceleration of charged particles pulsars and cosmic rays
absorption/scattering interstellar dust
Strong and weak interaction: nucleosynthesis in stars
cosmic rays
primeval universe
Gravity: motion of planets, satellites and binary stars, stellar structure and evolution, N-body motions in clusters of stars and galaxies, black holes, and the expanding universe.

The aim of astronomy is to understand the physics and chemistry from the laboratory that is behind cosmic events so as to enrich our understanding of the cosmos and of these sciences as well.

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